Restoring .eml files to open with Outlook Express

I had installed Windows Live Mail Desktop and it took over my .eml files. To make the .eml files open with Outlook Express (my original setting), I chose the “Open With” option and chose Outlook Express. However, whenever I clicked the .eml files, Outlook Express was launched (or the window became active if it was already open), but the message itself was not opening. I finally fixed the problem by using the following steps:
1. My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types
2. Registered File Types > EML
3. Click on “Restore” button
A detailed explanation of the solution is at:
Microsoft KB 312355 – OLEXP: Unable to Open EML File Attachments in Outlook Express
I used the second option given on the page above, but changed steps 4,5,6 to step 3 above. Also, the “msimn /reg” option (i.e. the first option) did not work for me.

D-Link DWL G-122 Wireless USB Adapter

I just bought the D-Link DWL G-122. It is not true plug and play for Windows. Windows Xp asked me for the driver when I plugged it in. But as soon as I inserted the CD, it installed nicely and started working. Great speed (802.11g – 54 mbps) and it instantly caught my wireless network. So far so good.
D-Link DWL G-122 Wireless USB Adapter - click to enlarge (9 kb).
I would definitely recommend it for desktops (I am using it for my desktop which is not in the same room as the router and I did not want to run a long ethernet cable) and for laptops (if your existing wireless card does not catch signals properly).
I got it for $10.94 from with free shipping (after $10 mail in rebate and $10 instant rebate for using Google checkout). The list price is $59.99. ($10.94 as of 11/13/2006)
Amazon ($19.99 after rebate)
D-Link product page

DTMF tones in Skype (or how to use pin/access numbers with Skype)

I was trying to make a call to a toll free number with Skype today. The toll free number was accepted properly and I got the intial greeting but any numbers entered after that (the pin number) was not being accepted. I searched a bit and found that the reason was Skype was not recognizing the DTMF tones for the pin number.
The solution for this is to upgrade to the latest Skype version (the current version is which has improved support for DTMF. I upgraded my Skype installation and now I can enter pin/access numbers for toll free numbers in Skype.
Download latest version of Skype
What is Skype?
Skype forum discussion

How to delete/clear drop-down list of Google past searches

One of my friends was asking me how to remove the drop-down list of past searches in Google. And I realized that I had thought about it but I did not know. So I searched a bit and found out the answer.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
1. Go to the “Tools” menu.
2. Select “Internet Options” and the “Content” tab.
3. Within the “Personal information” area, select “AutoComplete.”
4. Click on “Clear Forms.” You can also un-check the “Forms” box in this window to keep this information from being stored in the future.
5. Click “OK” to exit.
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So many changes in the last couple of days. Someone had told me that change is one thing is which is constant in this company and they were right. But change is good, especially the ability to implement changes/requirements from customers and forecasts into your product line. It indicates that the firm is dynamic and constantly growing.
Hope to learn a lot in the next 12 weeks. Learning from the best people in the industry is indeed a great opportunity.

Hibernate shortcut in Windows Xp

Create a shorcut (Right click on Desktop > New > Shorcut) and point it to:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate
Tip: If you do not like the default icon, you can change it by
– right clicking on the icon
– choose “Properties”
– click “Change Icon”
– put the following value in the “Look for icons in this file” field:
– click “Ok”
– choose desired icon
– click “Apply”

How to find your cell phone’s IMEI number? Press *#06#

I knew this (i.e. how to find the IMEI number of a cellphone) a long time back but had forgotten the sequence. The IMEI is a unique number assigned to every GSM cell phone (i.e. a cell phone which uses a SIM card). To find the IMEI number of your cellphone, dial the sequence *#06# into the phone.
The IMEI is useful because it can be used to block your cellphone if it gets lost. So, if you are reading this and do not know the IMEI number for your cell phone, find it by dialling *#06# and write it down somewhere :).
I also found a page which analyzes IMEI numbers. I tried it out and the information was interesting.
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Mobile number series in India

Update (4/9/2009): The updated MSC Codes list list (January 2009) is here: A cached copy is available here. Thanks to Jogi for the info!
Original post (11/13/2005): I got a missed call from a mobile/cell number from India and I was trying to figure out where the call originated. I searched a bit online but could not find any comprehensive list initially. Finally, I came across this list and it is pretty comprehensive. I thought someone else might find it useful and so decided to post the link here.
Cached copy: html | pdf