Convert pps to ppt (PowerPoint SlideShow to regular PowerPoint)

To convert a PowerPoint SlideShow file (.pps) to a regular PowerPoint file, just rename the file extension from .pps to .ppt. That’s it! This works the other way round too i.e. from .ppt to .pps.
I checked with multiple .pps and .ppt files and they were exactly the same after conversion, even the file size. I did not realize that it was this simple. I thought PowerPoint does some kind of conversion when saving a .ppt file as .pps. But apparently, it just renames/changes the file extension.
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  1. hi bobby.. i found sme of ur blogs useful.. i have a doubt.. thought u may clarify.. i recently downloaded a movie file frm internet which has extn .wmv
    i have a dvd player that can play files from flash drives. so i copied da dwnlded file into the flash drive and tried playing it in the dvd player. but it dint wrk. later i found that the player doesn\’t play files with extention .wmv but it can play files with extn .avi
    can u tell mw hw to convert a .wmv file to a .avi file
    i dowloaded a coverter but its a demo and converts only the first 90 secs. for more it is asking me to buy…
    can u help dude?

  2. WOW! gr8. It works.
    I thought about downloading some software for this purpose but thank god came across this blog.


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