First Flight Couriers – absolutely miserable shipping

First Flight Couriers‘ shipping time is absolutely miserable. It might be good for other places in India, but at least not for North East India.
I ordered an item from for delivery to Imphal, Manipur. It was shipped by the seller on Oct 9 from Mumbai. After that, the item was never received. I sent various emails to First Flight and finally got a reply after many days saying that they were “looking into it”. I assumed that my packet was lost. Finally, I was informed that the packet arrived yesterday (Oct 28). The packet took 19 days to deliver! According to the First Flight website, it was supposed to be delivered in 3 days. And it seems that FirstFlight has only *one* courier person for the whole of Manipur.
If you would like to send items by courier to Manipur from other parts of India, I would say use DTDC or BlueDart, but NEVER First Flight! Their service is absolutely miserable!
And oh, their online tracking service, it still says – “09-Oct-2004: Despatched from Origin”. No other information. Great, huh?
Update (9:46 PM 12/24/2004): I recently ordered an item online from a seller in Mumbai. The destination was Delhi. The package was delivered in 3 days. So, it seems that FirstFlight service is good for delivery between main cities in India.

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  1. i received a document from patna in 3 days , where as first flight told us that it will rech it’s destination i.e delhi within 24 hrs.
    javed shams

  2. I am yet to receive a letter from Delhi which was sent on 12/01/2005 and whenm i give them the tracking number they say we dont have any information on it.
    God!!! if someone walks from delhi to bhubaneswar and delivers it to me it will be faster i feel.
    suckkkxx.. indian postal services is faster i believe.

  3. first flight service is best as they told me my tickets will reach from mangalore to north east in just 48 hrs which was containing international air tickets and it reached on time. i didnt took much efforts to consult with customer service. thanks to first flight couriers and all his team otherwise it was impossible for me to travel.

  4. First Flight Courier service is worst .. i have ever faced .. Never expected this in a city like Bombay .. The fellow comes down to my place and not finding me there .. goes off without even a note/slip mentioning that he had come .. the security informs me about him .. and morever nobody picks up the phone at their Sakinaka Office (Corporate)..frustrating ..

  5. Well, I also had poor experience with first flight. The First Flight fellow came to a location which is just 1 km from my address (somewhere in Ahmedabad), then he couldn’t find my address so, went back even though he had my mobile number. I called those guys on the same days and explained them how to reach my address, so the next day finally I received my consignment.
    This was something bad, but the first flight can’t beat Professional couriers in “Poor Service”.
    I sent a courier to Ahmedabad from Pune. It has been more than one week, but no one knows what’s the status of the consignment. Since last two days I have been calling these guys but no useful response.
    Now onwards, I will never ever use for First Flight or Professional Couriers for anything.

  6. Rediculous service ,first flight, I sent an important document thro first flight to canada, Address was written correctly on the cover but the person received the document had written the country name as UK and the document is misplaced somewhere and i lost an important opportunity

  7. First flight courier making people fool. I sent document
    through first flight on 10-oct-2005 from Margao (Goa) to
    Patna (Bihar). they told that courier will deliver on
    12-Oct-2005.It was very improtant document for me.But
    they delivered it on 16th October.
    I called all offices/call center of first flight but
    they are very irresponsible.No body was telling why
    courier is yet not delivered while it is shipped from
    mumabi on 11th-oct-05.
    Later, on 13th oct on online tracking i get status
    “Shipped from Kolkata”. Then i called to patna office
    and they told person who come with courier miss the
    Train.And then i come to know how first flight are
    making people fool.
    They are sending shipment by train from mumabai to
    kolkata and then patna by train.And Charged for air.
    How they told me that they will deliver it on 12th oct.?
    First flight is charging Rs.70 for this. Other couriers
    charge only Rs.30 and deliver within 4-5 days.

  8. use DTDC? NEVER USE DTDC! I had asked for a package delivery from Cochin to Chennai. I gave my package to DTDC on Friday and it was delivered on Monday, but apparently the DTDC guys never entered it into the tracking system. And assuming my package was lost, I made numerous calls and visits to DTDC regional office in Cochin, and spent a huge sum on STD calls to their head office in Bangalore. The Bangalore head office told me on Thursday that the package has been lost, please make a complaint to Cochin regional office. All this after the package had been delivered on Monday! DTDC may have the largest network in India, but this speaks volumes about their inefficiency.

  9. The most unreliable service
    I sent a box of chocolates to the CEO of a company (one of my clients)
    I had to declare it at the courier office, which I did – bad mistake. It just makes your package stand out from the rest.
    The person got 3 pieces out of a total of 12 chocolates.
    They reopened the contents and after helping themselves to more than a few, resealed. And since I had already opened it once, doesnt make a difference if it gets opened a thousand times later.
    The most embarrasing time I had when the CEO made a light hearted comment a few days later. I did have to face a lot of embarassing moments. If it wasn’t for the good relations I share with that company I might have just lost a big account.
    One word – Never use First Flight

  10. I used First Flight for a package delivery from Cochin to Chennai. I gave to the local First Flight Office on Thursday Jan 12, 2006 at around 10:30 in the morning and it was delivered at 10:30 on Monday January 16, 2006. I dont have any complaints against First Flight.

  11. I have almost tried all the couriers in India and burnt my fingers many time. I can with conviction tell you that first flight is the best, both for air and surface cargo. it collects at 7 pm in the evening and reaches before 11 am to the addresse in most of big cities where there is direct air connections.

  12. I have just tried First Flight for an Internaitonal shipment to Gandhidham, Gujarat. The documents originate from Muscat. I was promised 3 days, but today it is 8 days and still no trace of my package. Tried calling their office in Muscat. The lady at the counter confirms that their internet tracking is unreliable. She refuses to believe that my envelope has not been delivered!! I have spent more money in calling my contact in India to check whether it has reached, than I paid for the courier itself!! I was told a lie that the India office is closed so they cant check the status of the delivery. In fac, hte office is very much open and has no idea about the parcel.
    I am praying that it reaches. Otherwise I will stand to be put to huge inconvenience!
    Had I read this blog earlier, I would never have chosen First Flight!

  13. In general First Flight is comparatively ok to others. They have got a system in place. Some areas some people make errors. I know some of you have suffered, do we have any system (law) to make claims and punish the offenders? That is a big question. Past is past, what about future? How to make fast claims? Its better we focus our discussion towards solutions now.

  14. For those people who think that their consignments are delayed by some courier, let me introduce you the WORST courier service in INDIA – one and only DTDC. Three times in my life I have used DTDC, and all the times they had shown their service.
    The first time was in August 2000. I sent a courier to Panchkula youth hostel near Chandigarh form chennai, the courier did not reach the place at all. In the mean time I lost my purse along with my courier bill and DD challan. So I was not able to sue them and I lost the money paid for the DD also.
    To my fate, we can book courier only using DTDC through our company. I booked a courier to Erode from Bangalore on March. That courier reached the receiver only after 14 days. That too even after a lot of complaints, tracking, STD calls and so on. Cleverly the courier people anticipating the consequences had got the sign from the receiver on the sheet dated 10 days back.
    Again, I had sent a courier to GOA from Bangalore on 21st June. It has been a week (today is 28th) and the courier had not reached the receiver. I spend all my time calling, complaining to Bangalore HO, ring road office, Margoa office and writing to customer care. They dont even hear it yaar. Each call goes for around 10 minutes and 3-4 persons get the details and cuts the call finally.
    SO my only advise to all the risk -averse people is dont use DTDC even by mistake.

  15. My parents sent me a parcel containing expensive clothes, dry fruits and sweets through DTDC. When I got it it had big holes on it and the clothes were in a tattered condition and all contents destroyed by rodents.On top of that nobody listened to our complaint seriously

  16. I want to send my handycam from nasik to nagpur…which courier should i choose…..i have the option of blue dart and first flight…first flight claim next day delivery with less charge…blue dart asking 800 rs for it and 4 days..are they reliable…

  17. I sent an important document to UK from Bangalore by DTDC on the 4th of this month and it is supposed to reach UK in 3 working days. I tried phoning the DTDC office and i m informed that the document is still lying in Bangalore. I am unable to track online and i have made numerous phone calls to the office n everytime somebody picks up n says they wud get back to me soon but i never receive any phone calls from them. they themselves r unable to track the document i suppose. whot sort of courier company is this.
    i need to claim for a delay in shipping… this is ridiculous n i advice anybody who has plans to use DTDC as against doing it.
    it is the worst courier company in the world n they have got such inefficient customer advisors.
    if anybody knows how to claim for delay in shipping pls let me know.

  18. First Flight is the worst…..Some visuals were couriered from Chennai to kolhapur on 14th of Oct. 2006 and today (24th of Oct 2006), after following up for almost a week ,they are saying it hasn’t reached its destination coz invoice is not there…..there service is miserable….it is the WORST ….

  19. I was going to send a parcel by First flight as recommended by someone but when I made a search for it’s location I got this page in google…and read the encouraging comments one by one….hence I am opting for something better than First Flight ( may be it’s name is Last Flight.
    Thanks for the advice by all.

  20. I think that all of you guys above have gone bonkers. First Flight is the best courier U have ever come across. Don’t blame them for nuts.

  21. First flight couriers should be awarded with the top most couriers in delayed/unsatisfactory-poor service category.
    They seem to play with public

  22. First Flight know nothing about pincodes. I had a courier 1 month back and its still not delivered. If i check it online it says address insufficient. Posts sent to the same address through normal postal services reach me correctly and within a few days but. If i call them nobody lifts it. Great service…

  23. I am really angry about First Flight services. My Pan card is despatched 13th Mar 2007, but today date is 28th Mar 2007, still i not get my Pan card and not even a call also.
    So plz kindly do the needful.
    I called some people but they are not responding to my questions…

  24. First flight is really making fool to people..
    My parent sent me a photo frame costing 4500 by First flight courier.When i opened that it was empty n now they are saying that they are not responsible for it…

  25. First flight couriers r the worst couriers i have ever come across.I sent a consignment on 30th april and they said it will be delivered in 48hrs.Today is 4th march and no news of where my consignment is.I would not suggest anybody to use this courier service.

  26. the courier services of blazeflash couriers is very poor my friend posted me some inportant documents through blaze flash couriers from sirsa to panchkula it is over than 5 days there is no courier
    i talked 2 all their executives their responce is very dull they dont even answering in the right way very poor services
    i suggest never post anything frm blazeflash couriers

  27. Professional Couriers – I dont think anyone can beat them when it comes to third rated service. They are atrocious. I regularly get parcels from Mumbai to my Gurgaon ofice annd the experince has been terrible. Packets have been lost, misplaced, wrongly delivered and delayed but NO one cares or even listens at their Gurgaon office.
    Infact you will be lucky if they pick up your phone. Imagine Mumbai-Gurgaon in 7+ days in this age.

  28. First flight is one of the worst i have ever seen in my life, 100’s of banks and consignment hit my door everyday, but to my surprise three time they couldn’t find my address, on third time i sent email, left the phone msg to there staff of my contact number, still they resend the package to origin, they just making gimming to make money. check the link for proof.
    please please avoide this courier if you really care your consigment and goods.

  29. My frind sent a courier thru first flight. Distance between her office an mne is 12kms and its 3 days now and I am still waiting for the courier.. Hopeless service.. Just cant rely on such people while sendn important documents

  30. It is very sad about First Flight services. My Pan card is despatched 31th Jul 2007, but today date is 10th Aug 2007, still i not get my Pan card and not even a call also.
    So plz kindly do the needful.
    Please give contact no./ office no who distribute courier at gurgaon,Haryana

  31. I tried contacting the J.B.Nagar office for pickup for three hours but no answer. the secretary at the corporate office gave me another number only to be told that they did not want to do business with me. I called the corporate office again, the assistant refused to listen to my complaints and said that I should keep on trying and hung up on me! WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVCE. keep it up man!

  32. Looking for my document for the last two days but the Ghaziabad Branch office is not picking up the phone. I have made more than 100 call on 0120-2854469/18 and 9312093986 but the response is zero. I can tell the worst service i found in my life so far in courier service. Plz improve urself and let me know the status of my document ASAP>

  33. First Flight is really pathetic. It cannot deliver goods even to the nearest of places on time and even just to make things delivered they put some imaginary names.Govt should stop them from doing business.My shipment from Allahabad to Bhubaneswar, which they claimed to be delivered in 2 days.And now after a week they have updated their website and made it delivered to some imaginaery people only to make life miserable for Customers.If there is Customer Rights Protection forum that can lead our cause to stop FirstFlight from doing business, please tell.

  34. i am justin thomas working in SRL RANBAXY (kottayam)we are getting very bad service in kottaym,several times i have informed abt this to their,manager(kottayam_),ernakulam office,head office mumbai,but no use,we are planning to change the service,this we are not expecting from firstflight(check.h24366034,h243660320

  35. Worst Man… Really Worst.First Flight is really worst ever service U can have. My parents sent a parcel to my home address at chennai. Its almost 6 days and I have not received it. I learned that the parcel has come to my town, Perungudi, in chennai, and the man(First Flight delivery man) was unavailable from the next day. His cell number gives either no response or switched off. He also puts it off when the call is through.(Prakash: number:09962001236). I contacted the Perungudi Office. They saiid, the parcel came there, and left as they didnt find the addressee. The parcel was there only for 2 hours, and left to Guindy(Very Strange). The next day(5th day), I called the perungudi Manager again. He told me he will deliver it to me at my office address instead of home address. I waited at office till 4:00 PM but nothing came. Called the manager again. He says. Sorry, I cannot change the Address without authorisation. You can call the delivery person.(9841978523). Called 5 times to this number. Mobile is switched off.
    Waited for 1 hour and tried. An Old Lady picked up. She told \”Phone was left at Home\”(Very Good Deliver Man!!! -Keep it Up!!!).
    Called the Customer service cell.(044 42027788). It started with a Voice response System, and then there was silence for 3 minutes. Like making a fool of the customer..
    Waiting for my Parcel. since then… with Prayers.

  36. Well well, today October 7,2007…… no replies nor does the online tracking show anything!!!! If this is the kind of service received / rendered how on earth can we face the world? Our leaders say \\\” Mera Bharat Mahan\\\” and here we provide this kind of service….. disgusting is the word.
    Sir / Madam,
    Today is October 3rd, 2007 and I am yet to get status reply to this mail!!! Lets see after how many days I get a reply, let alone the delivery of the document / consignment.
    Orijeet Ghosh
    P.S. I was not given any discounts nor the rates lowered for me. In fact I paid Rs. 1,035/- and this is the kind of service I get in return for paying the full amount.
    > From:
    > To:
    > CC:
    > Subject: FW: First Flight Courier Status
    > Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 09:08:34 +0530
    > Sir / Madam,
    > I would be highly oblidged if you could kindly give me an update / status of
    > the consignment –
    > tracking no:FE0013840
    > dated 18-Sep-2007
    > sent from kolkatta
    > for Oman

  37. Very bad service Professional courier has..Mostly in parcel along with address phone number they write .In my case i gave both land line and mobile number but with out calling they return parcel back. They wont return money also..

  38. it is a rediculous courier services as it writes and delivers at wrong place into the wrong hands.First flight is one of the worst i have ever seen in my life, 100\’s of banks and consignment hit my door everyday, but to my surprise three time they couldn\’t find my address, on third time i sent email, left the phone msg to there staff of my contact number, still they resend the package to origin, they just making gimming to make money.

  39. Nothing short of Awful service. Even Awful would be a compliment for First Flight by their response standards.
    Biggest Plus Point – The web site does not have a Customer Contact No.. Great thoughts put into Web site architecture. or Perhaps a thoughtful one i.e Going by the standard of service, its good that they have not provided any contact details on the website.
    Spoke to this girl Pooja at the Saki Vihar center. She seems to be lost in her own world. Without knowing any details of the person calling, she is first informing that she just now gave all the details to me and then trying to find out who is calling.
    Truly there is a need to have a forum to ban such organisations from doing business.
    Awful man….

  40. What a hell service first flight courier is providing to its customers ? My family had sent a parcel on 19th,November from Balasore,Orissa . But I have not received it till now(8pm,27th November). When I contacted the customer care(phone no.-0120-2425383,as I am staying at Noida.) they put me on hold and after 30 minutes they told that they can do nothing for me..Even the customer care executive used slangs to me. I have decided that I will never go to this First flight.

  41. What a hell service first flight courier is providing to its customers ? My family had sent a parcel on 19th,November from Balasore,Orissa . But I have not received it till now(8pm,27th November). When I contacted the customer care(phone no.-0120-2425383,as I am staying at Noida.) they put me on hold and after 30 minutes they told that they can do nothing for me..Even the customer care executive used slangs to me. I have decided that I will never go to this First flight.

  42. Hi All,
    I am Ravichandran.M. Actually my parents was sent the phone in the parcel through Professional Courier from Karur to Bangalore on 03/Dec/2007. Actually here Yeswanthpur branch those people doesn\’t deliver so I called up them and ask the parcel they said that come and collect like this I collect it and open that in that place, but there is nothing inside, immediately I ask them they said that we don\’t know like this, what I can do for this please help me for this if any one have the power to fight with professional courier.
    The worst courier service ever I seen is Professional Courier. So please don\’t use this kind of Professional(thief) couriers any time.

  43. First Flight sucks! On two occasions Standard Chartered Bank sent me a credit card and the courier would not deliver it to my house in Palghat, Kerala, saying it is not in their delivery area — and I live six kilometers from their office. Their excuse: it costs 20 rupees by autorickshaw to come to my house and so they will not deliver. The first time, a First Flight delivery man came when I was out of town and instead of leaving a note orally told my neighbour that he was from a courier and had a credit card to deliver. No note, no name, no contact information. Nothing. I tracked them down through the bank and the courier said it had sent back the letter. When it was sent out again, they said they would deliver and made me wait at home all afternoon. The next day they called to say that I should come over to their office. The caller said he had not called the previous day and so he was not responsible for the inconvenience. He said he would send back the letter if I did not show up and that he would not deliver. Given that all sorts of courierwallas show up at my door, why should First Flight — which charges an arm and a leg — refuse to deliver at my place?

  44. What a hell service DTDC courier provides.I sent a shirt to my frnd but he dinn\’t get.and they dont have any reaction.and thay r not doing anything.There a claim option but that is also a way to make fool.

  45. FF Sucks big time. I am awaiting a delivery, the dispatcher has sent me the consignment number but FF says they have not yet received any such package!!! PHEW! And further say that the dispatcher might have updated before the actual dispatch! How did he get a consignment number then?
    What also amazed me is that their site only list contact details of a few cities, not all!
    I guess since FF is the official courier for IncomeTax Dept., various banks, it really does not worry about other consignments!
    Best in my view is IndiaPost Speed Post.

  46. uffffffffffff,its hell with FFL courier.The day before i went to this salt lake city based FFL n as it was mt very first courier to abroad i asked f all inside n outside good n packin all good n all.The person who was in a counter said all good,showed him package n asked whats the amount.He told me the amount but i wasn\’t caryin that much so asked him f i can make it latter,he said do it tomorow btwn 10 to 11,then it will be better for u.I asked him 2 take it now but he didn\’t,then i said to him dhl askin double then what u askin,are u shure u sayin the right amount,he said yep,i was shoked with the diff.i was happy atleast some one understan the need(as in other what u sendin is leser amount then the courier charges they ask for).So today again i went in the mornin at 10.30 as per his sayin,n BOOM,the man sittin their said the amount atleast 1000 rs. more then what the earlier man said,i was aghast by the difference,now even after takin whole of my purse i was again short of cash,back to square one,came back without giving and waited for my husband to come and give me cash,he came and took amount from him,then rush back,got the previous day man in counter,told him u said this much so bought this much now the man who was here previously said atleast mlore then 1000 rs difference,he said done the mistake,i agreed humanly error can be done,asked him first to make a roughly figure,he told me,i was ready to pay,he send me to 3rd floor to ask for some dec.aration form,then the otjher man said not 3rd,u r in a wrong department,woowww,tjen was send again to 2nd floor,their a security guard tellin me u have to write in a paper,your whole biodata,n content in paper this parcel holds,ohk,then said not here,u go down again back to the man in counter and he will tell u,what the hell,ohk,then went down back to the counter,fine,now BOOM,he says they didn\’t told u lets go upstair,wooowwww man,i had enough,said what u all think of me,some marchin parade woman,
    came out,no more of FFL eva u nless n u ntil its life n death situation,even sayin u i will prefer death then goin back to FFL

  47. I agree with all of you.I am in london and i sent a courier to chennai which supposed to deliver in 3 days time but wasn\’t…when we enquired with tracking ID they told that the courier have no Recipient name on it and that is the reason they didnt deliver….What an irresponsible answer!!!!!…..Does anyone accept a courier with out Recipient Address on it……..I have the receipt with recipient address which is given by first flight london office and that is my proof that i sent the courier with recipient address on it….what a rediculous service..very much frustrating…..i advice everyone, please be careful in sending the items through the irresponsible and cheater courier like this… is worth to go to consumer court on First Flight couriers…..i will support also.

  48. I have also enjoyed the miserable service of first flight. The consignment booked for Agra on 29/05/08 from Pondicherry is still onboard their flight. Not even able to trace the packet or have bothered to answer my repeated reminders for the status of parcel. Really these people do not have a sincere team working inside nor have any organisational capacity

  49. The worst courier company atleast I have come across. The delivery boy in bangalore has forged the signature in the delivery challan and updated the status on their site to as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Delivered\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. How can one trust this first flight. The company that works without any morale and principle is First Flight. They should exit from this business if they cannot deliver the consignment. I believe the Indian Postal Service is definetly reliable that these guys.
    I guess all ICICI* entities use First Flight for delivery of consignments. This should be wake up call to ICICI* and many such companies that use First Flight to re-evaluate First Flight and then decide is it worth to continue their relationship with a company that is so UNRELIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. First Flight is the worst courier service I saw in my life time. I got an important mail to be delivered from Mumbai to Chennai. After keeping the mail for two days they returned it back to the sender. When I checked it online it says address insufficient. If they can\’t find a address in chennai then they are not fit to run a courier service.
    When I called to customer care they said my house was locked so they send my shipment back to the sender. My house and my office are located in the same place . They are open 24 hrs. I don\’t in which house they checked. I missed an very important document becoz of First Flight.

  51. Local Delivery of Abhayapuri (Dist – Bongaigaon, Assam) very good for Flowing couriers – BlueDart, MiniCourier, Flight Desk Patch, First Flight, Cyber Express, Jyoti, Skylark Express, Inland, Dolphin, Trackon Etc.

  52. My experience with Blue Dart was horriable!
    I got my ATM Pin no after 30 days .. and thats too after banging with these people(both end) for a week. They dont give a damn shit ..all they care is about thier business…
    Whatever, i feel all the Courier services are the same when it comes to north eastern states..
    Some of theme even dont have a center ..

  53. I was supposed receive my consignment which include pan card on 4th july 09 but I have not received it. When I tracked the consignment it showed pending due to insufficient address . I don\\\’t know how it happened ,I have been receiving letters/documents at this address since 5 yrs.
    First flight service is really worst. I am fear if I use this service in future.
    My consignment no. ZB1926425

  54. First flight courier fool courier. I sent DEEPAWALI\’S GIFT.
    through first flight on 14-oct-2009 from INDORE(m.p) to
    BHOPAL(m.p). they told that courier will NOT deliver because
    the address mentioned the gift box
    I called all offices/call center of first flight but
    they are very irresponsible.everybody was telling oposite party pls collect the box.because its too many rush.
    this courier is BAKWASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………courier SERVICE.

  55. I also want to share my bad experience from First flight couriers. I had ordered something from and the seller had shipped the item on same day. Next day itself it arraived in bangalore and the web tracking status was showing as \’HOUSE LOCKED\’. But, the whole day my wife was avaialble in house and when i asked at the security gate, they told that nobody came from First Flight couriers. Nobody was picking the call at the customer care desk when i called(for 2 days) and finally someone answered at a branch in bangalore and told that it would be in some other branch. But there again , the land line was SWITCHED OFF. I wonder what do these people do at this pathetic organisation? People dont pick call, delivery man never calls and dont even come to address and says \’HOUSE LOCKED\’. dEAR FRIEDS….Avoid this horrible and terrible service….in fact no service…They call themselves international…. Even local courier services do better job….

  56. One of teh worst courier service in hyderabd. first they dont know how to answer a phone call, 2nd : they answer the calls but dont speak, 3rd they disconnect the lines. i tried reaching the number : 040-32561070 reg to a Cargo delivery and this is the response that i receive. wonder in what shape would the goods be coming in.

  57. I think now focus should be on the solution.Can someone provide the details what sort of action can be taken against these offenders.I believe consumer court may be one option.

  58. First Flight couriers have the worst delivery than any of the couriers that i have ever experienced. If anybody misses one shipment the task to locate that is a very big one….even in a city like mumbai……Customer Service sucks…half the phone numbers are bunk and other half are always in switched off or busy….and when you manage to get one cc exec he / she is compleletly lost…..

  59. I sent the courier throgh first flight on 28th of september to pune ( Symbiosis) to send my registration form for PGDHRDM and the last date for registration is on 30th of september. The guy told me that it will reach at pine on 30th september in morning, so I came online to check the status of my courier that it has been succesfully reached or not, but the website of first flight is very confusing and dnt know where to chcek the status and when I called the customer service department then they do not have answer. Now god knows my courier will reach there in time or I will be left for addmision till next year. Please its my humble request to the managment tem that improve your services. Couriers are to deliver the things in time and there is no use of couriers to send if things are not deivered in time!!!!!!!!

  60. The first flight courier is the worst courier service i have ever seen in my life. No timely delivery, no updated status. even nobody will receive the call if you try to contact them. Better choose ordinary post over it.


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