5 thoughts on “How to unlock yourself from the WordPress Login Lockdown plugin”

  1. By mistake i have tried just to rename all my database tables prefix then i got many errors .now i cant unblock my admin username and password i got the following error msg

    ERROR: We’re sorry, but this IP range has been blocked due to too many recent failed login attempts.

  2. Or just temporarily rename the Login Lockdown folder through FTP in order to disable it and then log in and rename it back.

  3. Hello

    The same happened to me today. I just connected via FTP and deactivated the Plugin by renaming the plugin folder to anything like “login-lockdown.old” and could login in dashboard.

    Then I deleted the plugin in wordpress dashboard and installed again 🙂

  4. P.S. I even did not need to remove it I guess, I saw in the tab “activites” in that plugin in wordpress that you can see the blocked IP and can release it.


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