New lines in an Excel cell

I just figured out how to enter a new line in an Excel cell. The trick is to use Alt+Enter to create a new line. Also, when you do that, Excel automatically enables text wrap for the cell.
Windows: Alt+Enter
Mac: Hold down apple key + Option + Enter
(Thanks to Tex and Andy for the Mac tip)
Tips List
Alt+Enter: Enter new line in a cell
F2: Edit a cell
Originally posted: 2005-05-02
Last updated: 2011-01-13

105 thoughts on “New lines in an Excel cell”

  1. far as i know..on mac, hold down Option with either ctrl or apple key and then press the should get the same thing..

  2. Dude, i needed this feature also, cause my boss does not know how to read. Life sucks and I wished I was dead. But hey anyway thanks.

  3. Hi Bobby,
    Looks like you have been imortalised. I think you will get hits on this blog for the rest of the century. Thanks heaps

  4. you guys are all funny. This is basic functionality – look in Excel help, Keyboard shortcuts. Spend 10 min and it\’ll save you a lot more.

  5. Wow…I am so glad I googled this. Thanks for the tip. I spent 2 hours trying to find the feature in Excel. Will use keyboard tips in the future.

  6. Can you imagine just how many people have been helped by this such a simple and single explanation. Not every one replies with a Thank you post. Wonder if Microsoft\’s complex minds would someday provide answers in such a straight way instead of going through 7 or 8 wizzard steps.

  7. Micro$oft help was pretty useless (online and offline). Wth Bobby, 4 years down the line your blog is STILL helpin folks! Now THAT\’S a good reason for keeping the internet free

  8. Man Oh Man…
    You know, there is Microsoft (with their online help blabla) and there is you (one line is worth more than … whatever!!! you know what I mean)…

  9. It crashes the ego when we all think that we know a lot in Excel. Even after 5 years of this post, this comes as the first thing when googled. Though I had only came across such a need today, your blog helped me not to spend too much time to figure it out. Great….Thanks a ton….


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