Port forwarding, kazaa and usenet

Learnt how to configure 2 webservers on my DI-614+ router. Got the answer here. I did try with a different port number before but I had set up the port number on the DI-614+ only and not on the webserver itself. Right now, links to Manish’s PC and links to mine. Most probably, these links will not work later because I will be making several changes.
Also installed Kazaa again. It is still not working. I configured it for the DI-614+. More info is here. But still downloads are really bad.
Also tested UseNet. Tried in Outlook Express and also downloaded some readers. For most groups, http://groups.google.com/ works fine. Also, found out that news server for UT is news.utk.edu and that most binary files on usenet groups don’t work. Maybe I am missing something here. Configuration settings?

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  1. Thanks for the links you provided on this page. The Kazaa ones where exactly what I was looking for. I also have a DI-614+, but I don’t use it for web access as it’s rather a poor router. I have instead installed a DSL modem in one of our servers and share the connection through that. The set-up works quite well, although it does leave an over-qualified router twiddling its thumbs 🙂
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