Toyota Camry 2007 LE

I bought my silver Toyota Camry 2007 LE automatic yesterday (July 16, 2007). In addition to the standard features, I got a moonroof, a JBL 6-CD changer sound system w/mp3/bluetooth, 16″ alloy wheels and a remote start option. The car is awesome! 🙂

Toyota Camry 2007 LE - click to enlarge ( kb).
Side view

Toyota Camry 2007 LE - click to enlarge ( kb).
Top view

Toyota Camry 2007 LE - click to enlarge ( kb).
Side by side with my old 1992 Camry LE 🙂

10 Replies to “Toyota Camry 2007 LE”

  1. hi dude know what your camry sucks….sucks a big time…dude pimp your camry….its a good car….i wish i could have it but….any way man put some kick ass spolires on it…fire postures of the sides….scissor doors….kick ass rims….n lower it…hope u take my advise

  2. The camry’s engine is rubbish. 117kw and 9.9L/100km. Kia-Hyundai have a new 127kw engine, same displacement and does 8.4L/100km on the automatic tranmission.

  3. hello there, congrats on your new ride. see i have the same ride a toyota camry le, and a week ago i bought a 6 disc changer jbl with bluetooth, and i dont know is it really fit, did you know what i need to install it? thanks

  4. I\’m suppose to draw a still life for art class. I want to try my technique with cars, so may I use the top view for a base?

  5. Hey i Love Your Car and it looks More nice and i Think your car is one of the Good Once But just take some advise give it a good and nice rims

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