Yahoo to increase email storage to 1 GB

Yahoo announced on Tuesday that it is going to increase it free email storage limit to 1 GB, from its current 250 MB. The upgrade will take place in mid-April.

Yahoo’s storage upgrade comes one week after Google started offering Gmail accounts to random visitors of its home page. This has led to heightened speculation in news articles and blogs that Google plans to open Gmail’s doors to the public on April 1, a year after it launched in its current test form.

Good news for Yahoo users :). However, Gmail has one major advantage -it offers free POP3 access. Interface wise, I like Yahoo Mail’s interface better than Gmail’s.
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3 Replies to “Yahoo to increase email storage to 1 GB”

  1. I think still Yahoo Mail is the Best.
    Dont think that gmail offers POP access forever freely.
    It is now in testing phase and so is giving free POP access. After its launch, it will surely keep POP access in its premium services.
    If you download your gmail by POP freely …then who will look at the gmail targeted ads?

  2. Feature Gmail Yahoo
    Size of inbox 4GB 2158MB 1GB 250MB
    Send Limit Per Day Messages 500 100 30 15
    Send Limit Per Day 500MB 150MB 30MB 75MB
    Max Message Size 150MB 10MB 10MB 5MB
    Anti-Spam YES YES YES NO
    Anti-Virus YES YES YES YES
    Auto-Responder YES NO NO YES
    Auto-Forward YES NO YES YES
    Inactivity Exp. NO YES YES YES

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