Sunday Night

Watched 2 movies – “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Absolute Power”. Had some pasta. And coke. I have to stop drinking so much coke.
Earlier today; Manish, I and Nikhil had gone to check out the car Nikhil plans to buy. It looked really cool. Seemed like a nice deal. Nikhil is really excited and a bit tensed. He should be ;).
Uploaded final design of foodscience website. Uploaded a couple of pages also. This page took a lot of time. Emailed status report to Dr. Golden.

Sunday Morning

Manish came back at 4:30 AM. He had a nice time at Liquid Knoxville. His experiences can’t be mentioned here 😉 – censored stuff!!!. Damu and Nikhil were also with him.
Rang up bS. Talked for 1 hour 24 mins. That’s a long long time in fact :). Well, it was morning when I finally put down the phone ;). Catching up with old times, I guess… And I sure do miss home.
FTP access to foodsafe website is not working. I was planning to update the database structure. Will try again tomorrow. Have to catch a wink now. Have a busy day ahead. Lots to do!

Movies and phone calls.

Watched 2 movies – “Encounters of the Third Kind” and “A Few Good Men”. Also called up Tamo and home also. I think the India Tele-Bridge calling card is not so good. Seems to be having less talk time than indicated. Also the call quality is not that clear. Talked with Mama, Cheche Naobi and Baba. Dada was not at home at that time.

Port forwarding, kazaa and usenet

Learnt how to configure 2 webservers on my DI-614+ router. Got the answer here. I did try with a different port number before but I had set up the port number on the DI-614+ only and not on the webserver itself. Right now, links to Manish’s PC and links to mine. Most probably, these links will not work later because I will be making several changes.
Also installed Kazaa again. It is still not working. I configured it for the DI-614+. More info is here. But still downloads are really bad.
Also tested UseNet. Tried in Outlook Express and also downloaded some readers. For most groups, works fine. Also, found out that news server for UT is and that most binary files on usenet groups don’t work. Maybe I am missing something here. Configuration settings?

Installed Lotus Notes

Installed Lotus Notes client. Could not login into the UTIA network initially because I did not have the file. Emailed Dr. Dearden and he emailed my file to me almost immediately. Tried again with the new file and it is working properly. Tested notes-encypted messages but they can’t be read in Outlook Express. Changed display name and also tried to connect to UT Lotus Notes server. For some reason, I am not able to view the UT database.

Shifted blog to CS server

After a few trials and errors I have shifted the blog files to the my CS webspace.
It is working fine except that it seems to be much slower here. Most probably it is slow because I am keeping the MySQL database on the server. Maybe I should shift over to Berkeley DB and keep the files on my CS webspace instead.
Another thing I learnt is that to change the file permissions of all files in a directory, I should use:
UNIX> chmod -R 755 docs
[This will change the permissions of files in the “docs” directory to 755].
I know this seems pretty elementary but well I did not know :(. Anyway, SSH by default keeps the file permissions to 644 [at least on the CS server]. All these days, I have been going into the directories and manually changing the file permissions!!! I did write a Perl script sometime to do this, but it did not work properly always. Anyway, the Perl script might come in handy if the owner of the directory is “nobody” [happens sometimes for auto-generated files] or if Shell access is not there [for example, in cases of shared hosting where only FTP and cgi-bin access is given]

Thursday Night

Went to Wal-Mart with Nikhil, Damu and Saumil. Bought some groceries. Manish and Pady made chicken. We had a small party of sorts at night. Anuj and Sampy also came. The chicken was really tasty. Nikhil and Damu went back at 2:10 AM. I am still trying to figure out how to generate the index page in MT.