D-Link DWL G-122 Wireless USB Adapter

I just bought the D-Link DWL G-122. It is not true plug and play for Windows. Windows Xp asked me for the driver when I plugged it in. But as soon as I inserted the CD, it installed nicely and started working. Great speed (802.11g – 54 mbps) and it instantly caught my wireless network. So far so good.
D-Link DWL G-122 Wireless USB Adapter - click to enlarge (9 kb).
I would definitely recommend it for desktops (I am using it for my desktop which is not in the same room as the router and I did not want to run a long ethernet cable) and for laptops (if your existing wireless card does not catch signals properly).
I got it for $10.94 from Buy.com with free shipping (after $10 mail in rebate and $10 instant rebate for using Google checkout). The list price is $59.99.
Buy.com ($10.94 as of 11/13/2006)
Amazon ($19.99 after rebate)
D-Link product page

First Friday

Today is the first friday of the month. This week was crazy and very very hectic. Had three deadlines today! Everything went well and am a bit relaxed now. Will try to chill off, rest today and get back to work from tomorrow.
Have a great weekend, everybody!
p.s. One movie I am looking forward to is “The Da Vinci Code“. It will be released on May 19 2006. The trailer is really cool. Have not read the book yet. It’s still on my To-Read list.

The first .com domain name

The first .com domain name was symbolics.com. It was registered on March 15 1985, more than 20 years back!
The first domain name to be registered was nordu.net which was registered on January 01 1985.
A list of the first 100 .com domain names is available here | cached copy.
I have also compiled a list of the domain names of the major tech and media companies to see which ones were registered when. IBM.com seems to be the first one in the list (March 19, 1986). Interestingly, both Adobe.com and AMD.com were registered on the same day (17 Nov, 1986).
ibm.com 1986-03-19
intel.com 1986-03-25
att.com 1986-04-25
adobe.com 1986-11-17
amd.com 1986-11-17
cisco.com 1987-05-14
dell.com 1988-11-22
oracle.com 1988-12-02
sony.com 1989-07-07
bbc.com 1989-07-15
microsoft.com 1991-05-02
infosys.com 1992-07-17
macromedia.com 1993-05-13
cnn.com 1993-09-22
timewarner.com 1994-04-28
amazon.com 1994-11-01
yahoo.com 1995-01-18
aol.com 1995-06-22
ebay.com 1995-08-04
google.com 1997-09-15

The Motorcycle Diaries

I first read about the movie in TIME magazine (Aug 2004) (view article: online | cached). The movie was released on Sep 24, 2004 and the DVD was released on Feb 15, 2005. But there were only four copies in the local Blockbuster store here and they always seemed to be out. Finally, I was able to get hold on one of them.
The movie is entirely in Spanish with English subtitles. The Spanish (and original) title of the movie is “Diarios de motocicleta”. The movie talks about the journey of 23-year old medical student Ernesto “Che” Guevera and Alberto Granada on a 1959 Norton 500cc motorcycle across South America in the early 1950s. They start from Argentina and travel to Chile, Peru, Columbia and Venuezela, a distance of over 12,000 miles. Their destination: a leper colony in San Pablo (Peru) where they had volunteered to work. It is a true story and based upon an actual journal written by Che Guevera.
Motorcycle Diaries - click to enlarge (71 kb). Categories Amazon, Movies 1 Comment

L for Love – Richard Clayderman

I had first heard this song (piano music actually) some time back in a friend’s car and I instantly loved it. Today, I decided to find the song. But the problem was that I just knew the artist’s name and nothing else. I asked my friend about the song, googled and amazoned a bit and finally found the links. Here they are 🙂
Tip: Play at a low volume. Let the soft music soothe your ears :).
Song: “A Comme Amour (L For Love)”
Artist: Richard Clayderman
Album: A Comme Amour, All By Myself
Hear song: clayderman.co.uk (Real, 03:19)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.clayderman.co.uk
Extra notes: Paul de Senneville (Composer)
Song: “L For Love”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: For The Love Of Music
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 03:30, 2.4mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: It seems that the same song – “L For Love” – has been performed by two artists – Clayderman and Davidson

Song: “Mariage d’Amour”
Artist: George Davidson
Album: My Heart Will Go On
Download song: amazon | cached (MP3, 04:26, 3.1 mb)
Song Page: View
Official Site: www.georgedavidson.com
Notes: This song is also very nice and initially, my friend thought that this was the song I was looking for.

EPIC 2014 – GoogleZon, Google Grid

EPIC 2014 - click to enlarge (8 kb).If you have not watched it already, go ahead and watch it. The story is definitely “fascinating, amusing and unnerving”. Have a look.
Pick a random mirror

“In the year 2014,The New York Times has gone offline. The Fourth Estate’s fortunes have waned. What happened to the news? And what is EPIC?”

The ‘Evolving Personalized Information Construct’ (EPIC) is a look at how the media industry might be like in 2014. It is an 8 minute flash presentation by the Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson.
It also talks about GoogleZon (the alliance of Google and Amazon in 2008) and the Google Grid.
Related Links:
News.com article

Lexar 8 gb CompactFlash card

Came across an article on PcWorld about Lexar’s 8 gb flash card . It’s official price is $5,499.99 (!!!) but currently (10/14/2004) sells on Lexar.com for $2,730.00. It seems to be targeted towards professional photographers.
The 4gb version currently costs $399.88 on Amazon. Now, THAT sounds pretty reasonable! 🙂
And as the article said –
“what do you do if you misplace your $4K memory card?”
More info:
Dpreview.com (02/12/2004)