Austin Food Tour – Austin Eats Food Tours

If you are visiting Austin, Texas, definitely check out Austin Eats Food Tours –
Austin Eats Food Tours

“Austin is home to the University of Texas, the State Capital, hundreds of live musicians, celebrities, athletes & even a few hippies.

We invite you to join us for one of our three walking tours, each approximately 3-3.5 hours in length and sampling 7-10 local eateries. We’ll indulge in the tastiest local eats from BBQs, to burgers to bakeries and share a little Austin lore along the way”

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Crazy DC Capital Beltway Traffic

Traffic was crazy today on the I-495 (Capital Beltway) inner loop. The commute was double that on regular days (which is bad already)! The increased traffic is probably because of people leaving one day early for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend this Thursday (November 25, 2010).
The Google Maps screenshot below was taken at 7:56 PM and traffic was still crazy at that time!
Crazy DC Outer loop traffic - click to enlarge (648 kb).
No wonder this route is ranked the 3rd worst traffic bottleneck in the US with 243K cars daily!
From Wikipedia:

“Two intersections on the Capital Beltway are ranked in the top 20 on a study of the “worst bottlenecks in the nation.” They are the I-495 at I-270 interchange in Montgomery County, Maryland, ranked third overall, which receives 243,425 cars daily, and the I-495 at I-95 interchange in Prince George’s County, Maryland, ranked 11th, with 185,125 cars”

GoDaddy Web Hosting Renewal – best rates with 3 year renewals

I just figured out by chance that GoDaddy Web Hosting Renewal rates are best with 3-year renewals and not with 4 or 5-year renewals. This is a bit weird because I would expect the rates to go down with longer renewals.
From the list below, you can see that the $4.99 per month Economy web hosting plan drops to $2.99 per month with a 3 year renewal, but only drops to $3.74 per month with a 5 year renewal. Go figure!!
Note: for current GoDaddy coupons, visit:
Original: $4.99 plan (Economy plan)
Coupon: gda1132bp (25% off $60)
2 year renewal
Base rate: $119.76 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$29.94 (25% off)
Final rate: =$89.82 ($3.74 per month)
3 year renewal
Base rate: $143.64 ($3.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$35.91 (25% off)
Final rate: =$107.73 ($2.99 per month) (BEST RATE)
4 year renewal
Base rate: $239.52 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$59.88 (25% off)
Final rate: =$179.64 ($3.74 per month)
5 year renewal
Base rate: $299.40 ($4.99 per month)
– Coupon: -$74.85 (25% off)
Final rate: =$224.55 ($3.74 per month)

Fortune – $10 per year, and TIME magazine – $15 per year

I just received a Fortune magazine subscription offer by mail and could not believe it. I was getting offered a 1 year subscription of Fortune magazine for $10! I checked online and the lowest price was $30 per year on Amazon. The only catch appears to be that you need to pay the subscription upfront and not forget to cancel the automatic renewal before your subscription expires.
1. Fortune magazine – $10 per year (20 issues). Recommended deal: $20 for 3 years (60 issues)
2. TIME magazine – $15 per year (57 issues). Recommended deal: $25 for 2 years (114 issues)
More info:
Enjoy!!! 🙂

Screen capture from video / movies / DVDs on Windows

Many of us have tried to print screen from a video and later found out that the video part is black. Programs like PowerDVD and SnagIT have a screen capture option. However, if you do not have access to a screen capture software, the following method works by changing some settings in Windows Media Player.

4. Don’t use Overlay
1. Open your Window Media Player and click Options on the Tools menu.
2. On the Performance tab, click on the Advanced… button.
3. Uncheck Use overlays from DVD video, click OK and restart the player.
Now you can capture images from any movies played in Windows Media Player using Print Screen (PrintScrn) key (or ALT + PrintScrn key). Once copied, the image can be pasted into Microsoft Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint) or other image editor. If you have problems taking screenshots from a playing movie try to pause it first, then “print” the image.

These and other methods are described in detail in the following blog post from Amit Agarwal. Very useful post indeed.


Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Laser Printer, and Amazon Short URLs

Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Laser Printer
Bought a Brother MFC-7840W All-In-One Wireless Laser Printer from NewEgg today for $219, no tax, free shipping. I feel it is a pretty good deal. I have been looking around for an All-In-One printer for some time. This one has a laser printer, a copier, a scanner, a fax; and has both wireless and ethernet networking capabilities.
Brother MFC-7840W – $219 on NewEgg:
Brother MFC-7840W Wireless Laser Printer - click to enlarge (177 kb).
Image Courtesy:
I had a basic HP inkjet printer but the ink always seemed to dry up before I could use the whole cartridge. And I have often felt the need to scan or print something at home. I don’t think I will be using the fax option that much though.
The printer is available for $249 at Amazon – It has pretty good reviews there.

Amazon Short URLs
Speaking about Amazon, I figured out a way to find the shortest possible Amazon URLs for a product. Of course, I can use or, but this is the shortest URL I could find using an official Amazon website.
In the example above, the original link was:
The standard shortened link is:
However, it can be made even shorter by using the domain name. The trick is to append the product id (in this case – “B0016ZQ566“) after ““.
More info about the short URL service:


Gmail HTML version link

Click the link below if you wish to view the Basic HTML version of Gmail. This is useful when the regular Gmail version is having problems loading.

Gmail Basic HTML Version:

To go back to the regular version, you can:

  1. Use the links at the bottom of your Gmail screeen, or
  2. Log out and log back in, or
  3. Use the following links to toggle between the different versions: